Creating Self-Signed Certificates (part 1)

The following example demonstrates how to setup up a self signed certificate for testing purposes. Requirements: Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt. N.B. If the Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt is not present on the system you will need makecert.exe and pvk2pfx.exe in the folder that the certificates will be created. Windows command prompt can be[…]


‘Do-it-yourself’ IT Security Risk Assessment

In our previous post, we took a look at cybersecurity in small businesses. Within that article, was a small snippet focusing on risk management and how it played a role in ensuring a firm’s systems are secure. This time, we take a more in-depth look at IT risk assessment. We here at Particular Presence composed[…]


Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

What is Cybersecurity? Cybersecurity refers to the efforts applied in order to protect computers, programs, networks and data from potential attacks, damage or unauthorized access. This is made possible through the use of various mechanisms and methodologies. What is Risk Management? Risk management has to do with the assessing, minimizing, and prevention of accidental loss[…]